Within the anti-breast cancer initiative Europa Donna, national anticancer organizations representing the V4 countries are working together for the first time in a joint project. The project fantasy is called "Kick-Off" in English, which has two meanings at the same time.

Firstly, it means kicking. In my understanding this is a plausible name because I think that all the circumstances, concepts, effects that do not contribute to the healthy, that is, the full human life, do not serve it – but may actually do the opposite – should be kicked off from ourselves. Yes, literally, so firmly, with this kind of energy moving and in a very short time, we must "kick off" ourselves from pessimism, sluggishness, faithlessness, enervation.

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At the same time, the word in the title also means: the first kick. And what a good name it is. For example if you have not done the wrong, the negative removal, the kick, then it's time to do that. Nobody will do it for us, but we will do the best with us if we do not wait for a second and start the first kick immediately. With all the encouragement, I have to say that it will be a great match, in which there will be great, uplifting days when we feel new life around us and there will be cloudy, windy days when we have the feeling that all our efforts are futile, we jumped to the top of everything. The starting kick is not a win yet. But without it, the match will not start without being able to win without it. It is necessary to say it will be different today! I want to live, I want to live healthy and look for the helping hand with whom we can combine to win the cancer and bring a new life around us. In this program series, in this "Kick-Off" project, our peers, sorcerers, and helpers are in the V4 countries. After a difficult historical past, we have practiced for the second decade the idea that a good neighborhood is in everyone's interest. It is also easier for us to realize our common interests within the framework of our cooperation. And it is also worthwhile to realize co-operation in all important areas of life, including in healthcare and social organizations.

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We know from the news that Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary made the first steps towards co-operation in the beginning of this year in the field of fair pricing of medicines, joint vaccination and access to innovative medicines. Joint planning and co-operation have started, as the Visegrád countries can help each other in the development of primary care and general practitioners. The ministries concerned have focused on nutrition, antimicrobial resistance, e-health services, positive health influence, the prevention and effective treatment of non-infectious chronic diseases, the active involvement of patients and the treatment of personal health data. These are all matters that we should talk about together.

Organizations working in the "Kick-Off" project believe in this, so I would like to address the entire Central European community. Call them and tell them that breast cancer is one of the most treatable tumor diseases today. To prevent it. Being a type of tumor that can be treated in time by regular screening and self-examination. That those people who received the warning from life did not die. Indeed! They are happy when they meet the challenge, and they realize that they have the greatest role to shape their lives, and thanks to the warning, they start off on a new path that leads to a better, healthier and happier life. We want to help each other with this program and with this common, international contact and attention. This is our kick kick. Now we've passed the ball for you. Come on, get in the game and stay with us!