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EDUCATION - the sense of it

Some diseases cannot be predicted or prevented. But there are some that can be perceived as early. These include breast cancer. Regular self-examination allows women to monitor the change of breasts to diagnose early stage illnesses.

Women with the aid of "Ostře sledované prsa", i.e. the "strictly controlled breast" organization’s volunteers and specialists can learn the proper technique of self-monitoring. Exercises can often be learned from trained instructors who have experienced the illness themselves.



Breast Wall - without if you wouldn't see

The breast wall is essentially an embarrassing project item, which has become an eye-catcher, and has become a special trademark of the "Ostře sledované prsa". The plaster samples of the wall were healthy and sick women modeling, assuming the anonymous publicity to create a spectacular and thought-provoking symbol. The wall will be exhibited in Budapest as part of the V4 project. The picture clearly shows that it is a monumental wall, that is, it cannot be exhibited anywhere, so the organization has so-called mobile breast walls that can be easily applied in smaller receptive spaces.