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Tihany's echo is one of Tihany's best known phenomena since the foundation of the present abbey in the middle of the 18th century. The words stoned from the rock on the Echo hill fall back from the north side of the abbey, more than 300 meters away, making it almost 700 meters away in two seconds. The echo was returned seven times from the side of Tihany's temple. On a hillside, they set a small column called Echostone, from where they had to shout to the church's direction. Echo got its name from locals. This term was also used by Csokonai Vitéz Mihály in his poem "The Tihany's Echo", written by the poet in Balatonfüred in 1798. Mihály Vörösmarty also wrote poems about it, but the best known of all is Janos Garay's echo of his own, which the goat's merchants knew very well. According to János Garay, the echo of Tihany is the punishment of the princess who is guarding the golden-haired goats because the son of the Lake King died for her in hopeless love.

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On September 15, 2018, on Saturday, however, Tihany had hoped instead of hopelessness. The National Organization for Cancer Patients (ROSZ) organized the 1st National Art Meeting of Cancer Patients' Clubs, where over a hundred cancer patients from all over the country came to this wonderful small town. The President of the Organization Dr. János Szabó said that we are living a world today when calm, peaceful mental state and a safe outside world are only a goal to be desired, a longing for hope for all of us, and this is why people are busy with their life. In such a situation, there is less love in the world and solidarity among others, and so, with the donation favor of decades ago, and with constant attention today, cancer patients receive less attention from their fellow humans, their narrower and wider environments. However, according to the chairman, the Organization considers this to be natural, and most of all the members of the association who demonstrate with their own life today that the cancer is survivable and can be defeated, have tried to influence the Organization to change the traditional behavior of patients in relation to the former. So do not ask for your environment anymore, but give to your environment. Take the lead in local initiatives throughout the country, be it the driving force of local social and community organizations to make the most of your community. ROSZ has considered this to be one of his most important beliefs for years, because he knows that if we smile at the world, then it will smile back at us. Love and attention can only be given for love and attention. The important celebration of this desire to live was the Tihany Meeting, whose artistic and cultural productions were gladly given by ROSZ. The members of the cancer patients' clinics have made great efforts to introduce themselves on stage on Tihany's main square. They practiced poetry, tried dancing, chants sung, and artists were drawing a brush on their pictures so that the whole country could hear that the collaboration multiplies the power needed in difficult life situations. Furthermore, art, culture is one of the most important drugs of the soul since the human world exists and that cancer patients believe in the power of love and trust in the future. In addition, they are encouraged by anyone who has seen the productions of the event or heard their news that we hold each other's hands and rise together from the depths of hopelessness and unbelief and be open to all the beautiful and the good that life is still have for us.

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The event was also a good opportunity for Dr. János Szabó to hand over this year's "Margit Grand Prize" to the expert who made the most to overcome cancer and cancer patients in Hungary by the decision of the Presidency. Thus, in 2018, Dr. Lajos Hornyák, the Chief Medical Officer of the Oncology Center of Veszprém hospital received the honorary acknowledgment, who expressed his thanks in Tihany's crowded main square. It was a wonderful day for which we took strength and we are looking forward to coming back next year!

Already at the beginning of the 20th century, it was noticed that the power of Tihan's echoes is decreasing. It has been shown that this is primarily due to the forested foliage of trees planted between the hill and the church and the increased noise of tourism. That is, the altered environment will absorb the powerless sound. At the event of the National Cancer Society, however, thanks to the many enthusiastic people and members, we express our loud and heartfelt spirit and our love of life that even in such circumstances Tihany will echo.