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In Poland, the EUROPA DONNA coalition was launched in November 1994 in Legnica on the initiative of Krystyna Miki and Dorota Czudowska.


On November 25, 1994, EUROPA DONNA presented it's objectives int the Legnica City Hall for the first time. The first group was also set up here to support EBCC EUROPA DONNA goals. In the following years, associations in the fight against breast cancer were formed in a number of Polish cities, which formed the National Association of breast cancer movement of Europa Donna in March 1999. In April 2004, at the Dębica Delegates VI Congress, the name of the organization was changed to the EUROPA DONNA Poland Forum of the European Coalition Against Cancer, the forum is based in Legnica.

EUROPA DONNA acts as an advocacy and is concerned about the social and health status of Polish and European women alike at the level of local governments, states and institutions of the European Union. It draws attention to the need to improve existing structures and to launch and provide new programs and services for the fight against breast cancer.

The status of the public benefit organization EUROPA DONNA.


The organization finances itself by subsidizing membership, companies, institutions, and well-intentioned people. The movement's activities include women from various professions and segments of society who are committed and able to carry out the organization's tasks.

The Polish Forum is a member of the EUROPA DONNA European Coalition, which includes 45 countries. It has full autonomy and decides independently of the hierarchy and guidance of the so-called "Ten Thoughts". He is actively involved in the EBCC EUROPA DONNA, cooperates with the management, pays membership fees, prepares and transmits the availability of breast cancer medical services in Poland. The association seeks to take part in the preparation of documents that, inter alia, serve to develop guidelines for the EU Parliament.

The Polish forum is managed by a panel chosen by the delegated congress. The term of office of the Board of Directors is 4 years. The Board of Directors meets three times a year from year to year and takes over a dozen work plans a year. Representatives of the Polish member organizations meet three times a year: in the delegates congress, the presidents' meeting, and in the scientific and training conferences.

The motto of Europa Donna, the “Ten Thoughts”:

  1. Contribute to the dissemination and exchange of accurate and up-to-date information on breast cancer across Europe.
  2. Invite women to the risk of cancer and encourage them to make the self-examination process.
  3. To promote the need for periodic mammography screening for early detection of cancer.
  4. Do everything to ensure that every patient gets optimal treatment.
  5. Provide quality support care during and after treatment.
  6. Obtain the proper preparation of health care professionals in the areas of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.
  7. Recognize effective, results-based activities and support their development.
  8. Its aim is to encourage proper and regular quality control of diagnostic and clinical equipment.
  9. Give each patient the direction of the proposed treatment, including clinical trials, and respect the right of other medical advice.
  10. Contribute to the development of breast cancer research.


The building of Oncology Diagnosis Center of the Social Solidarity Foundation in Legnica, the seat of the Polish EUROPA DONNA Forum