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Europa Donna Slovakia was set up on September 16, 2013 and its engine was Ružová stužka. Europe's Donna International, the European Anti-Cancer Coalition is represented by them.

Our mission

Breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women with tumors.



Unfortunately, partly because there are many women in Slovakia who do not know how to prevent breast cancer, while if they are healthy and timely aware of the problem, then this is possible. Many people do not even know that regular mammography screening can save their lives. Regular mammography screening fully detects breast cancer at the beginning of 3-7 mm. There is no need for large breast cancer operations or chemotherapy, which is difficult to follow.

This is why they want every Slovak woman to take care of her health to use every preventive test to preserve her health. They want this everyday practice and knowledge to be part of them and their family’s daily lives.

Why is it important to warn them about this? Especially since so far women only consider breast examination important if problems arise, and even often they postpone testing if they experience piercing or some minor pain and sensitivity due to fear of diagnosis. But they only increase the problem, while the resulting long-term stress is unnecessary because they are not so serious changes that would endanger their lives. Women often do not know that if the oncology disease is detected at an early stage, it is not necessary to remove the complete breast by surgical removal. Treatment of such a disease is shorter and less demanding than the treatment of the disease at a late stage. However, the chance of recovery is much higher in the early stages than at later stages.

That is why it is an important goal,

  • to raise awareness within the Slovak women, that breast cancer is considered to be a serious but treatable disease,
  • that the breast cancer should not be taboo,
  • that the woman concerned cannot be stamped in her environment and society,
  • that quality prevention and effective healthcare are naturally self-evident.


The Pink Ribbon Fund supports training activities, preparation and dissemination of preparatory information materials, which contain useful methods for proper diet, self-examination, training, and any surgery. It also supports prevention programs among students, secondary schools and university students and seeks to promote interest in volunteering and social work. It considers it important for the relevant institutions to cooperate at national level with regard to the international coordination of projects in the field of prevention and fight against breast cancer.


EUROPA DONNA is the European Anti-Breast Cancer Coalition, an independent, non-profit organization that makes up a European coalition of national organizations and through it has a wide-ranging outlook and a relationship across Europe.

The alliance has set itself the goal of focusing on women, primarily as the most affected social group of breast cancer, to make them interested in prevention. Slovak partners also know that the power of the organization is in the co-operation and in the related mobilization when, as a result of cross-country co-operation on joint projects, many thousands of people move along a common health interest. From the point of view of European women, it is crucial today to engage in a healthy way of life, which includes prevention and awareness when everyone is trying to influence their lives in the right direction, not just drifting in everyday life. One of the tools of this is breast cancer-specific cancer screening, which is supported by the Slovaks, but they attach the same importance to high-quality health care and treatment, which is an important backbone of research. EUROPA DONNA therefore represents the interests of European women in co-operation with local and national authorities and institutions within the European Union.

ED SLOVAKIA ojectives

  • szl6
  • association of Slovak associations and individuals against breast cancer,
  • representation of breast cancer women and Slovak women in international fora and transnational structures,
  • to promote the dissemination and exchange of up-to-date information on breast cancer and to optimize the treatment and prevention of it,
  • increasing the awareness and education of Slovak women in the prevention of breast cancer,
  • emphasizing the improvement of the quality of preventive mammography studies in Slovakia,
  • supporting breast cancer screening and early detection,
  • the introduction of appropriate medical training and the regular evaluation of the quality of health care institutions during prevention and screening,
  • provision of quality support for breast cancer patients during and after treatment,
  • combine the efforts of oncologically ill women to improve their quality of life.